EP260 EV Battery Module Charging and Discharging Device

Exclusive Price: Rs. 80000


It employs the state of the art charging and discharging technique, and according to the charging and discharging characteristics of lead-acid batteries and lithium-iron batteries, a variety of test and maintenance modes are built in, which is suitable for the discharging, charging, cyclic charging and discharging tests of various lead-acid batteries and lithium-iron batteries available in the market.


  • Multi-purpose:level module discharging, charging, activation testing.
  • Multiple discharge modes:control technology are adopted to ensure high-efficiency discharge.
  • Efficient charging mode:Ensure that the battery pack is fully charged, greatly improve the charging efficiency.
  • Battery pack activation:Freely set charging and discharging rules and number of activation times to effectively improve battery capacity.
  • Information collection:It can collect the highest/lowest voltage, temperature and other data of a single sting battery. The collected data are displayed on the screen in the form of column chart, report form and curve, which can be zoom -in/out locally for easy viewing.
  • Protection alarm:Reverse polarity, too high temperature, short over current, fan failure, too high voltage, too large current will be alarmed.

  • Configuration Instructions

    Power Input - AC90264V/4060Hz
    Display - 7-inch TFT LCD screen, resolution 1024X 600
    Data Communication - CAN, RS485
    Group Terminal Voltage Accuracy - ≤士0.5%FS+0.3V, resolution:0.1V
    Single Voltage Accuracy - ≤+0.1%FS+5mV, resolution:0.001V
    Test Current Accuracy - ≤士1%FS+0.2A, resolution:0.1A
    Charge and Discharge Voltage Range D - C2260V
    Charge Current Range - Maximum current 100A, maximumpower 4.4kW
    Discharge Current Range - Max current:100A/ max power:7.2kW
    Charge Control - Constant current charging + constant voltage charging
    Discharge Mode - Constant current discharge
    Charge, Discharge Protection - Overcharge and over-discharge protection, over-high temperature protection
    Host Protection - Over-temperature, over-current and out-of controcurrent trigger shutdown protection
    Reverse Polarity Protection - Supported
    Abnormal Protection - Power cord power failure, main cable power failure
    Over-temperature Protection - The resistance box over-temperature is 85°C; Radiator over temperature is 100°C

    Exclusive Price: Rs. 80000

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