Exclusive Price: Rs. 80000


ADAS MOBILE is a portable ADAS system calibration equipment for passenger vehicles, which can provide professional ADAS calibration solutions for auto glass shops, auto repair shops, mobile dealers and on-site auto repair service providers


  • Innovative full folding design, which can be placed in the trunk of a vehicle to meet mobile calibration scenarios.
  • It can support the calibration of more than 95% of the models equipped with ADAS systems in the world, and keep updating.
  • Support LDW/ACC/AVM/NVS/BSD/RCW ADAS system calibration.
  • The software provides graphic tutorials and step-by-step guidance.
  • Support the output of comparison reports before and after calibration.


  • Multi-System Calibration: Supports calibration for six major systems including LDW/ACC/AVM/NVS/BSD/RCW.
  • Multi-Vehicle Model Calibration: Supports ADAS system calibration for over 90 vehicle brands in Europe, Americas, Asia, and China, with over 90 target models.
  • Device Fine-Tuning: Supports fine-tuning in terms of front-back, left-right, and angles.
  • Device Elevation: Supports both manual and electric elevation methods, using a laser rangefinder for height positioning.
  • Parallel Alignment: Achieves parallel positioning between the device and the vehicle using a laser rangefinder, and center alignment using a line laser.
  • . Level Adjustment: Observe the bubble level, adjust the base knob, and achieve device leveling.

Exclusive Price: Rs. 80000

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